Business Storytelling Series: Telling the Story in Your Organization

March 22, 2012

telling the story

If you read my post earlier this month about the ways in which storytelling in business is critical to your success…and you’re convinced of the “why,” but not sure about the “how,” here’s your answer. Below are eleven ways to help you in telling the story, and encouraging others to tell the story in your organization.

Increasing business storytelling in your own outlook and in all levels of your organization will create a richer, more engaged environment and will help you sell more product. It’s a sure-fire method for creating culture…the culture you want.

Telling the Story in Your Organization

How to incorporate storytelling into your company culture:

  1. Start keeping a list of the stories you hear in your organization. Use any form that’s practical for you:  moleskine, Evernote, email, whiteboards, post-its, etc.
  2. Regularly ask your salespeople for their favorite stories. Collect them and share them among your salesforce for everyone’s use
  3. Ask your team each month to share the best story they’ve heard about a company, product, service…either yours or a competitors
  4. Require that meetings begin with a story rather than a status report
  5. Publish one story monthly that reinforces your company mission statement
  6. Prominently post stories in your place of business that are historically meaningful for your organization. Do this on a department or team-level as well.
  7. Require concrete expression of the story being told and it’s purpose in the early design phase of each of your company’s projects
  8. Evaluate your marketing messages…what story do they tell? Your print ads? Your website design? Your packaging? What story should they be telling?
  9. Require every employee to submit a story prior to their annual performance review that exemplifies how they feel about the company or what their relationship with your organization has been in the past year. Are you interested in those kind of stories? An organization could learn a lot if they gave permission for those stories to be shared and then responded to them.
  10. Make a point to tell your organization’s stories. Repeatedly. From every pulpit you can find. Internal meetings, awards ceremonies, local media, newsletters. Everywhere. All the time. And require it of your team as well.
  11. Reward staff and team members when you overhear them telling a story about your business both externally and internally. Make a contest of it, make a big deal of it and make sure people are recognized for it.

Do you have other great ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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