Monday Kickstart: Benefits of Building Customer Loyalty

July 9, 2012

benefits building customer loyalty

This video kickstart is less inspiration that practical. This is nuts and bolts thinking about the benefits of building customer loyalty. While it’s not comprehensive, she makes a few points worth thinking about.

Note…the link she mentions is dead and I can’t find a replacement on their site, but the applications below have little to do with that aspect of the video.

Apply it:

  • She mentions the benefits of building customer loyalty are: encourage repeat business, obtaining referrals, permission to continue to educate clients and the ability to demonstrate what makes you unique. Repeat business and referrals are commonly talked about benefits. But how could your organization take advantage of the education and creativity aspects of a better relationship with your customers?
  • Thinking of a loyalty effort as a BFF (Best Friends Forever) campaign…how does that shift your perception of what you could or should be doing?
  • What will make your clients feel special?
  • What do they need on an ongoing basis that you can provide?
  • How can you nurture client relationships on an ongoing basis?

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