Team Fundraisers With Stadium Cushions

July 30, 2013

team fundraisers

Team fundraisers are an integral part of youth sports these days. From the days I sold swim team concessions to the sophisticated systems young athletes use today to sell wrapping paper, pizzas and chocolates–thousands of teams face the prospect each year of adding funds to their budget through team fundraisers.

Here are three ideas for team fundraisers using stadium cushions:

Sell Cushions. Keep it simple and sell cushions to fans. There are a variety of venues to consider. You could try selling individually within the community. Sell through the school store. Sell as a team at local events. Particularly ones where people are sitting on the lawn for concerts, festivals, picnics, etc. Sell as a group at other local sporting events like the youth soccer fields. Of course, always check with the event/location coordinators to obtain permission.

Sell Space. Rent space to patrons who purchase a location for a season. Obtain permission for a section of fan seating and for those who buy entry, provide a cushion reserving the locations. Place cushions on bleachers before each event, pick them up afterwards and store them between games. Fans get guaranteed seating and cushions to use without the hassle of bringing them to each game. If allowed, you could provide different levels of
seating, like field chairs and bleacher cushions.

PEP-VC311aSell Service. Provide a cushion rental service at local events and games for seasonal purchase or per-game/event rental.

Kick up your profit with any of these ideas by selling advertising space on the back side of the cushion to local businesses. This can offset the cost of the cushions for you and gives them exposure and community goodwill.

Stadium Cushion Options for Team Fundraisers

When looking at stadium cushions, you will have thickness options ranging from 1/2″ to 2-1/2″ thick. You will find a variety of materials including vinyl-covered foam, PVC, non-woven fabric and polyester. You will also find a variety of styles, ranging in price from $2 to $28, including the following:

Team fundraiser stadium cushion options

If you have questions about any of these products or how we could help you with team fundraisers, we’d love to talk to you!

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