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Book Review: Switch, How To Change Things When Change Is Hard

Switch book review

If you haven’t read this book yet, you need to beg, borrow or steal a copy.  Seriously.  Quit reading this review and get yourself to the bookstore, buy it, go immediately to your favorite reading spot, settle in and read the thing from cover to cover.  Do it now!  It’s that important. I bought my […]

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Book Review: Go Green, Live Rich

Green books:  Go Green, Live Rich Review

Right up front, I’ll admit to being a fan of David Bach’s writings.  He’s the author of seven consecutive national bestsellers, has millions of books in print and is regularly on TV financial segments.  He usually writes about personal finance and in his 2008 book, Go Green, Live Rich, he says, Many of the books […]

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Book Review: What’s Your Story?

Thumbnail image for Book Review:  What’s Your Story?

Having a lot of website development projects has been making me think a lot about storytelling this month.  We all respond to stories, it’s human nature.  It is possible to listen to a report about the Haitian earthquake and its aftermath and hear it as numbers and statistics, but when you read an account of […]

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