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Business Storytelling

Business Storytelling Series: Telling the Story in Your Organization

creating culture

If you read my post earlier this month about the ways in which storytelling in business is critical to your success…and you’re convinced of the “why,” but not sure about the “how,” here’s your answer. Below are eleven ways to help you in telling the story, and encouraging others to tell the story in your […]

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Business Storytelling Series: Looking for a Good Bio Example?

bio examples

In last week’s Monday kickstart post, I shared a video with you about writing a bio for yourself. Your bio or about page is typically one of the top 5 visited pages on your site. As such, it’s a critical area for business storytelling–one not to be wasted with bad or boring copy! The Get […]

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Business Storytelling Series – Seriously? Why Storytelling?

storytelling in business

“Seriously? Why storytelling? What does that have to do with business?” isn’t really the question you want to hear when you’re knee-deep in research on business storytelling for a month worth of content development. I’m choosing to believe that it’s an indicator of how much this month’sĀ  content is needed by small business owners. Because […]

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