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Cause Marketing

Kickstart Your October

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From Michael Porter’s TED bio: Michael E. Porter wrote the books on modern competitive strategy for business. Now he is thinking deeply about the intersection between society and corporate interests. We’re heading into “Pink” season, where breast cancer awareness ribbons and pink items are everywhere you turn. So, I’m going to do a bit of […]

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Cause Marketing Tips and Resources

cause marketing tips

If you’ve been reading my thoughts this month about cause marketing, you may have decided to become involved in a cause marketing campaign of your own–I hope so! Here are some additional resources and cause marketing tips to help you on your way: Advice for choosing a cause from Joe Waters at Cause marketing […]

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Monday Kickstart: Lessons Learned from Developing a Cause Marketing Initiative

Sam Adams Beer learns from Brewing the American Dream cause marketing program

Michelle Sullivan, Senior Director, Corporate and External Relations of The Boston Beer Company (the Sam Adams brand) sat down for a brief interview at this year’s Cause Marketing Forum Conference and discussed the lessons her company’s learned from its Brewing the American Dream program. Apply it: A key lesson that The Boston Beer Company leaned […]

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8 Cause Marketing Examples For Small Business

cause marketing examples

You’ll have to be hiding under a rock to miss the Breast Cancer Awareness promotions that are about to be unleashed this October. You’ll see major campaigns everywhere you turn. Many of these can offer you ideas to spark your own creativity. But, what if those campaigns just don’t translate to the smaller scale and […]

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Cause Related Marketing for Small Businesses

cause related marketing

Cause related marketing is big business. Billions of dollars are spent each year in sponsored campaigns and that number is growing steadily. National brands change packaging every October as part of campaigns to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Consumers are more and more likely to be making purchasing decisions based on a brand’s cause affiliation or […]

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Monday Kickstart: Cause Marketing Tips

cause marketing

Cause Marketing happens when a for-profit business aligns itself with a cause or a specific non-profit organization ina mutually beneficial relationship to advance the mission of both parties. The Pampers Communications Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Nada Dugas, was interviewed while attending the 10th Cause Marketing Forum Conference, held this past May in […]

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What is Cause Marketing?

cause marketing

October has become known as Breast Cancer Awareness month and it’s hard to escape the upcoming surge in pink-ness. Over the last ten years, our industry has complied with demand for products to support the cause and now the number of pink promotional items is fairly staggering (check  previous post on some of our pink […]

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Monday Kickstart: Cause Marketing and Your Brand Essence

what is cause marketing

Christine Madigan, Vice President, Responsible Leadership of New Balance, sat down for an interview at the 2012 Cause Marketing Forum last May in Chicago and offers some insight on how a for-profit company can approach a cause marketing campaign and how it should relate to your brand. Apply it: In another post about cause marketing […]

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