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Losing a Sale The Right Way

lose a sale

Its true. Sometimes you lose. It’s not fun. But, learning how to be a good loser is just as important as being a good winner. And, it could pay off in future sales. I recently switched phone service providers in the midst of a last minute move. It was an intense week and a half […]

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Tips for Effective Business Communications

customer service communications

“We should consider replacing our office phone system.” That’s a somewhat overwhelming idea when you’re not right in the middle of an office move that you decided to do with little warning. With a thousand other details to cope with and a crazy schedule and timeline, it’s not a particularly welcome suggestion. Even if it’s […]

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Do You Know Your Customer Better Than Your Competition?

How can i focus my marketing

Focus Your Marketing By Getting To Know Your Customers Do you have a detailed description of your ideal customer?  Women over 35?  Small businesses?  If that’s about as much as you can tell me, we need to do some work.  Most of us have some sort of rough idea of our target market, but what […]

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