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Monday Kickstart: The Elephant in the Corner

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Catherine Mohr gives us a rundown of what it meant for them to build their green home in Silicon Valley. The message is interesting and might not be exactly what you would expect. If you’re making a commitment to any change in lifestyle after the Earth Day celebrations over the weekend, this is definitely worth […]

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New & Noteworthy: Jute Tote Bags

green tote bags

Jute is a great material…if you need to wrap cotton bales. It’s definitely not thought of as high fashion. I’m not sure high fashion is really the right term, but jute tote bags have certainly stepped into the world of good looks. Let your inner granola show without embarrassment with any of a number of […]

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Monday Kickstart: An Animated Tribute

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In honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary (in 2010), Mother Nature Network took an animated look back at the past four decades of U.S. environmentalism in the video below. It’s fairly apolitical, well done and amusing to boot. For someone like me whose lifetime is essentially covered by the timeline of this video, it was […]

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What Is Earth Day?

what is earth day all about

The first Earth Day in 1970 spawned the modern environmental movement in the United States. According to Earth Day Network, since then, every year Earth Day broadens the base of support for environmental programs, rekindles public commitment and builds community activism around the world through a broad range of events and activities.  Earth Day is […]

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When Is Earth Day?

when is earth day celebrated

Earth Day is the ideal holiday for busy people because you have options to choose from when deciding when to celebrate it! Unfortunately, that makes the question “When is Earth Day?” slightly more complicated than normal. And I think the “third Thursday of the month” style holidays are confusing enough! Here’s the explanation, I hope […]

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What’s New In 5: Bamboo Coasters

custom drink coasters

Custom coasters make an ideal imprintable item for bars, restaurants, caterers, corporate board rooms and break rooms.  Bamboo is a renewable resource and an increasingly popular material for many home products from fencing and flooring to dishes and dining tables.  If you have a project and need an eco-friendly, reusable item, watch the video to […]

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Book Review: Go Green, Live Rich

Green books:  Go Green, Live Rich Review

Right up front, I’ll admit to being a fan of David Bach’s writings.  He’s the author of seven consecutive national bestsellers, has millions of books in print and is regularly on TV financial segments.  He usually writes about personal finance and in his 2008 book, Go Green, Live Rich, he says, Many of the books […]

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5 Earth Day Resources For Your Business

5 Earth Day Resources

Happy Earth Day!  There are all kinds of local events going on today and I encourage you to choose one and participate!  If your schedule doesn’t allow that, never fear.  I have an earth-friendly activity for you right here.  Spend a few minutes checking out these links: Who’s buying more eco-friendly products?  Check this out […]

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