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“If Not Worth Taking, It’s A Promo Fail”

promo products

What this twitter user summarized is a truly important reminder for the success of any promotional campaign. If your promo products aren’t worth taking, you’ve got a promo fail on your hands. In this case, the issue they were evaluating was quality. If you have a fixed budget and you think getting more of a […]

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Client Projects: Cause Marketing with Foam Hands

cause products

Hey! You’re not going to get what you want on this page, sorry! The post you’re looking for has been removed for now. I’ll re-post a related topic soon and link it here! Thanks for your patience. Check out other small business, marketing and promotional product topics from the “Find More Posts” box at the […]

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Mistake #6: Belief That the Best Will Win


In the marketplace, the best doesn’t win. It just doesn’t.We might think the best should win. We might think the best deserves to win. But, if you believe your product is the best on the market and that will put you on top, you’re falling into the trap of marketing mistake #6. You see, the […]

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Marketing Mistakes Series: Mistake #5: Being Vanilla

being vanilla

“Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.”  – Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life For a number of years, I ran a part-time photography studio with an emphasis on family, children and senior portraits. It’s a tough business to be in right now, the industry has changed so radically over the last 5 […]

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Marketing Mistakes Series: Mistake #4: Selling Your Stuff


Is your marketing message selling me your widget? Is it telling me how wonderful your widget is and how much better it is than other widgets out there? If it is, then you’re making marketing mistake #4. Telling me about your company, your product or service isn’t what I need to hear. That’s marketing from […]

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Marketing Mistakes Series: Mistake #3 “Barking Up the Wrong Tree”

dog barking

If you don’t want to be that poor pooch continually yapping at an empty tree, then best make sure you know exactly who you’re marketing message is communicating to. If you’re not speaking to the people who want to hear it, why will they listen? If you’re not selling something they want or need, why […]

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Marketing Mistakes Series: Mistake #2: Worshiping the New

marketing mistakes

The new, the shiny, the popular…in the American culture, we’re fed a constant stream of messages that you NEED the newest, shiniest popular widget or service. If you’re reading this, you probably have an interest in marketing or small business and odds are that you participate in that message yourself. I don’t have a philosophical […]

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Marketing Mistakes Series: Mistake #1 “I Don’t Need Marketing”

greatest thing since sliced bread marketing

“My product/service/widget is so great, so necessary, so revolutionary, people will be begging me for it.” Have you ever let that sneaky little thought take up residence in your business plans? The “If you build it, they will come” syndrome? While it worked out well for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams,you can’t base a […]

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