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Client Projects: Cause Marketing with Foam Hands

cause products

Hey! You’re not going to get what you want on this page, sorry! The post you’re looking for has been removed for now. I’ll re-post a related topic soon and link it here! Thanks for your patience. Check out other small business, marketing and promotional product topics from the “Find More Posts” box at the […]

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Client Project: Playworks Playground Balls

rubber balls wholesale

Recently we did a project for Playworks that really intrigued me. I love these personalized balls, so the opportunity to feature this project makes me happy (watch for an upcoming video post on the product too!) Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that supports learning by providing safe, healthy and inclusive play and physical activity […]

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Client Project: Dark Blue Season 2 Premiere Cups

custom printed cups

Dark Blue is an LAPD drama on TNT that started its sophomore season last week.  Not everyone is thrilled with the new tone of the show, but we were certainly happy they contacted us about providing cups for the season premier parties.  Folks in four cities across the country were drinking out of the plastic […]

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Congratulations to the Makers of the Largest Ravioli in the World!

novelty chef hats

We need to give a shout out to one of our fabulous clients… Woodcreek High School’s Culinary Arts classes and 49er ROP class partnered with Roseville Institute of Technology (IT) to win their 2nd Guinness World Record on Friday, May 14. The students worked really hard to make the (cue the drum roll, please)…largest ravioli […]

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Client Project: Hockey Goalie Masks

hockey goalie mask

It’s been a good season here in Smashville, our Nashville Predators are 47-29-6 and are currently going into the playoff game in Chicago on Saturday tied up at two games each.  I’ll be working Saturday, but listening to the game online while I tweak the final steps of a MAJOR website overhaul on one of […]

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Client Project: Gift Box for Boost Mobile Customers

custom printed gift boxes

Early last winter, Boost Mobile gave away a gift box with the purchase of a phone and service.  Along with the customer’s new phone, the custom printed boxes contained Boost literature and five branded items: a hat, an ice scraper, antibacterial hand gel, hot chocolate and a magnet.  The promotion was well received (we got […]

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Client Project: Blink-182 Tom Delonge Mask


Imagine you’re a world famous rock star (C’mon, I know you’ve thought about this before, it’s not that far a stretch) coming on stage for the first time in years.  It’s your reunion tour and zillions of adoring fans are screaming for you .  You stand backstage relishing the moment.  You take a deep breath, […]

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Client Project: Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps!

Custom Military Mug

Each Fall, The U.S. Marine Corps marks their 1775 formation by celebrating.  Marine Corps Community Services hosts several birthday ceremonies in celebration of the Marine’s birthday and this year over 16,000 marines and their guests in Okinawa, Japan were presented mugs to commemorate the event.   Each custom military mug was printed with 22k gold on […]

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