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Company Culture

We’ve Moved!

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Just a quick post to let everyone know that we moved last week. Looking back on it, it might not have been the smartest decision to move the office, add two locations and get a new phone system all in the same week. Well, it might have been fine if I’d decided more than three […]

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Heifer International

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Many of you have charities-of-choice. Heifer International is the choice for our company and since it’s the holidays and my family does something special with Heifer each Christmas, I’ve chosen them as my December charitable highlight. Wikipedia describes Heifer as “a nonprofit charitable organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas, dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty. […]

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Cornerstone’s Holiday Celebration

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For the second year, as a staff holiday celebration, we spent our time volunteering together at the local food pantry.  We enjoy meals together and gifts and celebrations are fun.  But, choosing to spend that time giving to other people better exemplifies the culture of our company. It’s humbling, gratifying and provides a fresh perspective […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Yesterday, I took my car in for a $20 oil change. As the morning dragged on, it turned into a really-should-spend-$2,000 ordeal. It wasn’t a case of unnecessary mystical fluid flushings recommended by a smarmy guy intent on fleecing the chick who doesn’t know any better. I actually love my car guys at Darrell Waltrip, […]

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Good-bye Jen! We’ll Miss You!

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We’re a small business and my staff is not only my greatest resource, but they truly are members of my extended family.  In November we say good-bye to my very first hire in this company almost 10 years ago…Jennifer. She’s moving on to other opportunities and while I am so sad to see her go, […]

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The Fast Company Interview…That Wasn’t

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Ever have a moment where you think you just missed your 15 minutes of fame?  Not that this would have been my choice for that life experience, but I had that fleeting impression.  After all, it’s not every day that the phone rings and it’s a national magazine asking for an interview, especially one you […]

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Cornerstone’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is in the Mail!

breasr cancer awareness campaign

I’ve been writing enough about breast cancer awareness the last few weeks that I decided I’d better put my money where my mouth is and do something myself.  Deciding at the last minute makes it difficult, but not impossible to get something of value accomplished.  if you’re in that same boat, here are a few […]

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April Contest: Do You Have Earth-Friendly Kids?

earth friendly kids

Do you have kids in your family, neighborhood, school or town that are doing something for the environment beyond what’s required in school?  Are they handing your home’s recycling effort?  Are they helping start a local bark park?  Are they reminding you to turn off lights?  Tell me about it in the form below.  For […]

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