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Four Color Process vs. Spot Colors. What’s the Difference?

4 color printing

One of the questions we need to ask before we quote an imprint on most of our items is, “Will it be a spot color imprint (and how many colors) or a four color process imprint?”  Unfortunately, to many of our customers, that’s like asking “Τους οποίους είναι η αποστολή μας να εκμεταλλευτούμε το άλογο?”  […]

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What is a PMS Color?

What's a PMS color?

Color is a subjective thing.  If I say I’m wearing a blue shirt today, what do you think of?  Of course, I could get more specific and say light blue.  Or, better yet, robin’s egg blue.  Have you ever really looked at a robin’s egg though?  They vary!  We have a general cultural norm for […]

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