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Closeout Deal: Promotional Seat Cushion

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It’s a snow day from school here is Middle Tennessee. We don’t get a lot of those. Actually, it’s technically an ice day. Regardless. It’s been COLD here for a week or two. And for you folks getting ready to tell me that it’s not really cold, I’ll tell you that over Thanksgiving it was […]

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Closeout Special: Promotional Picture Frame Gift

promotional picture frame

It’s gift season. If you aren’t yet thinking about what you and your business can give employees, team members, clients or business peers, you’d better get on it! This promotional picture frame gift is a lovely idea that works for any adult demographic. Perfect for a desk at work, a shelf at home or slipped […]

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Closeout Special: Pink Promo Tote Bag (other colors available too)


Everything’s pink this month! Breast cancer awareness, thanks in large part to the NFL partnership, has changed our perception of the color pink by associating it so closely with breast cancer awareness. If you’re working on a breast cancer marketing campaign this month, this closeout deal on a pink promo tote bag might be just […]

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Closeout Special: Personalized iPad Sleeve

personalized ipad sleeve sale

I went looking for a calendar closeout for you this month, but then I ran across this deal. A personalized iPad sleeve I can sell for less than $2?! And make you, the gift giver look uber-generous because the original price was much higher? Maybe I’ll just skip ahead to next month’s topic and offer […]

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Are Promotional Calendars Obsolete?

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It used to be that calendars had prominent places in many areas in our lives. We may have displayed several in each of our homes, offices and work areas. Historically, calendars have had a treasured place in promotional product marketing as well. At one point several years ago, a prominent industry survey indicated that 94% […]

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Closeout Special: Promo Blanket

promo blanket black

Cool nights are coming (I promise!) and here’s a promo blanket that’s perfect for a new client gift, a royalty reward, an achievement reward or an employee appreciation gift. It’s also a great opportunity to get some early holiday shopping out of the way! A promo blanket can go along with a “wrap up the […]

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Team Fundraisers With Stadium Cushions

stadium cushions for team fundraisers

Team fundraisers are an integral part of youth sports these days. From the days I sold swim team concessions to the sophisticated systems young athletes use today to sell wrapping paper, pizzas and chocolates–thousands of teams face the prospect each year of adding funds to their budget through team fundraisers. Here are three ideas for […]

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Closeout Special: Mini Promo Backpack

mini promo backpack

Believe it or not, that annual holiday season which parents face with both dread and celebration is right around the corner. No, even though I’ve seen some (absolutely crazy) places where Christmas is making an appearance, I’m talking about “Back to School!” While I hate to mention the end of the long, lovely days of […]

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