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Creative Promotions

9 Ways To Use Seeded Paper at Your Next Event

seeded paper coaster

Many of you are doing eco-friendly promotions this month and there are a variety of ways seeded paper can be used to enhance the green culture of an event as well as provide a take-home memento. Bookmarks:  Seeded paper bookmarks come in several different shapes and designs.  They could be used as a memento to […]

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Need to Tell Your Customers Where to Go?

custom map, custom printed bandana

You often see bandanas on the heads of bikers, around the necks of pets and waving at school sporting events.  They’re a great promotional item because they’re useful, people keep them around (especially if you have a cool design) and they have a large imprint area of 18” x 18”.  That’s a lot of real […]

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38 Creative Business Card Substitutes

Thumbnail image for 38 Creative Business Card Substitutes

Unusual business cards have long been the domain of creative fields:  graphic designers, photographers, architects and others.  But, even non-creatives can benefit from the memorable experience a promotional business card can provide.  A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine quotes Neil Hair, assistant professor of marketing at the Rochester Institute of Marketing as saying, “Exchanging information […]

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Creative Promotions: Send Your Marketing Message Home as Take Out!

Chinese Take Out Box

If you’re a speaker, a trainer or have ever conducted a meeting, you know that there’s certain important information that you want your audience to take away with them.  These take-aways can usually be distilled into bullet points that are often distributed as notes.  If you want a memorable way to package them next time, […]

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Creative Promotions: Promotional Ice Scrapers

Promotional Ice Scraper

Ice scrapers are certainly a more seasonal and regional item than most promotional products.  We don’t use them as often here in the South and when I lived near the Michigan/Indiana state line, we still only used them about four months each year.  But,when you need one…you really, really need one!  Believe me, scraping your […]

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