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Are Promotional Calendars Obsolete?

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It used to be that calendars had prominent places in many areas in our lives. We may have displayed several in each of our homes, offices and work areas. Historically, calendars have had a treasured place in promotional product marketing as well. At one point several years ago, a prominent industry survey indicated that 94% […]

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Team Fundraisers With Stadium Cushions

stadium cushions for team fundraisers

Team fundraisers are an integral part of youth sports these days. From the days I sold swim team concessions to the sophisticated systems young athletes use today to sell wrapping paper, pizzas and chocolates–thousands of teams face the prospect each year of adding funds to their budget through team fundraisers. Here are three ideas for […]

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Bank On It! Promo Bank

promo bank items

If you’re a bank, a financial educator, a tax consultant, a fundraising group or family financial services company, consider a promo bank for your next giveaway. A promo bank lasts longer than a pen and is more interesting than a mug. It’s useful, it aligns with your business or service and can last in a […]

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Safety Topics – Visibility Saves Lives

safety topics - visibility saves lives

It’s springtime! The weather’s getting warmer and that means that more kids are outdoors playing. More runners, walkers and cyclists are on the streets. And more pedestrian injuries and deaths are about to occur. As far as safety topics go, visibility is one of the easiest to teach and understand. Making people more visible on the […]

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Featured Item: Billboard Pen

billboard pen

Certainly a pen is nothing new in the promotional products world, but this one’s unique shape makes it worth highlighting. It’s new for this year and called the Billboard pen. While I readily admit that it’s looks certainly aren’t going to win any design awards, the functionality of the large imprint area on the clip […]

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