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A Few of My Favorite Things

advertising chocolate

You know you’re a promotional products distributor when your 6 year old draws a picture of the things he loves…and includes promotional chocolate on it. He gets a few of these chocolate squares for dessert sometimes and if you believe the advice of a child with a sweet tooth (so sorry, son, you got that […]

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Staff Picks: Back to Basics

popular giveaway product

Mid-February puts us smack-dab in the center of a Marketing Mistakes blog series. By pointing out common mistakes, the series reminds us of important marketing basics. So, this month’s staff picks theme is “Back to Basics.”  What’s the best giveaway? Usually, the reason a “basic” product is so popular is that it does something very […]

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Staff Picks: Holiday Gifts

Thumbnail image for Staff Picks: Holiday Gifts

if you’re looking for classic, unique or popular corporate holiday gifts for your employees, customers or vendors, my team has you covered. Here are their favorites this holiday season. Jen goes for a popular choice: coffee or hot cocoa. “The holidays are the perfect time to curl up around a fire or spend time with […]

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Staff Picks: Breast Cancer Awareness Products

breast cancer awareness merchandise

Time for a staff picks post again already!  Last month we did non-specific awareness products, but this month we’re highlighting breast cancer awareness products specifically.  There are a variety of pink ribbon products available and even more options when it comes to pink-colored products, but any promotional item can be used effectively with a pink […]

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Staff Picks: Awareness Products

cancer awareness products

Awareness products run the gamut of products traditionally used in an awareness campaign (ribbons, for example) to any promotional or retail item using a specific awareness color or with an imprint of the awareness message.  Here are some of my staff’s favorites for use in a variety of campaigns. Teri’s favorite item right now is […]

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Staff Picks: Back to School Giveaways

back to school giveaways

Let’s get a bit more personal!  Earlier in the week, I shared with you our most popular back to school giveaway categories. Today, I’m going to share our staff picks for reinforcing your brand, both with parents and students.  Back to school season affects a huge portion of our population every August and it’s a […]

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