Kickstart Your October

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From Michael Porter’s TED bio: Michael E. Porter wrote the books on modern competitive strategy for business. Now he is thinking deeply about the intersection between society and corporate interests. We’re heading into “Pink” season, where breast cancer awareness ribbons and pink items are everywhere you turn. So, I’m going to do a bit of […]

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September Quotable

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.”    ~ Charles Richards We’re well into Fall schedules by now and […]

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Closeout Special: Personalized iPad Sleeve

personalized ipad sleeve sale

I went looking for a calendar closeout for you this month, but then I ran across this deal. A personalized iPad sleeve I can sell for less than $2?! And make you, the gift giver look uber-generous because the original price was much higher? Maybe I’ll just skip ahead to next month’s topic and offer […]

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Kickstart Your September

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This interesting talk by Philip Zimbardo may leave you with more questions about practical applications than it answers, but it does present an intriguing way to look at something we deal with every day – time.   Apply it: Differences between the children who waited for the double marshmallow treat and those who didn’t were […]

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Are Promotional Calendars Obsolete?

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It used to be that calendars had prominent places in many areas in our lives. We may have displayed several in each of our homes, offices and work areas. Historically, calendars have had a treasured place in promotional product marketing as well. At one point several years ago, a prominent industry survey indicated that 94% […]

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Kickstarts: On Formula 1 Racing…and Babies

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Peter van Manen is Managing Director of McLaren Electronics, which provides electronics and data collection software to motorsports events. In this TED talk, he explains how racing technology can be used in a completely different field to save lives. Apply it: At the most basic level, what does your organization do well (what core strengths […]

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Closeout Special: Promo Blanket

promo blanket black

Cool nights are coming (I promise!) and here’s a promo blanket that’s perfect for a new client gift, a royalty reward, an achievement reward or an employee appreciation gift. It’s also a great opportunity to get some early holiday shopping out of the way! A promo blanket can go along with a “wrap up the […]

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Team Fundraisers With Stadium Cushions

stadium cushions for team fundraisers

Team fundraisers are an integral part of youth sports these days. From the days I sold swim team concessions to the sophisticated systems young athletes use today to sell wrapping paper, pizzas and chocolates–thousands of teams face the prospect each year of adding funds to their budget through team fundraisers. Here are three ideas for […]

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