July Quotable

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“In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential.”  ~ Suze Orman How many of us really want to fulfill our potential? A recent post in a local facebook group brought this home to me this week. A photographer posted an image of a local […]

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Closeout Special: Mini Promo Backpack

mini promo backpack

Believe it or not, that annual holiday season which parents face with both dread and celebration is right around the corner. No, even though I’ve seen some (absolutely crazy) places where Christmas is making an appearance, I’m talking about “Back to School!” While I hate to mention the end of the long, lovely days of […]

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Kickstart Post – Solving Local Problems

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Juliana Rotich, a key part of the tech community in Africa speaks at TEDGlobal 2013 about the reasons for the development of BRCK, a technology allowing reliable internet access in Africa where electricity and connectivity is inconsistent. Apply It: I really have one thing I want you to think about after seeing this video. Solving […]

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Bank On It! Promo Bank

promo bank items

If you’re a bank, a financial educator, a tax consultant, a fundraising group or family financial services company, consider a promo bank for your next giveaway. A promo bank lasts longer than a pen and is more interesting than a mug. It’s useful, it aligns with your business or service and can last in a […]

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June Quotable

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“There’s no question that humans need things like water, food, security, and friends. But the choices that we make are often driven more by what we want than by true unmet needs. Put another way, most of us have everything that we need to live. But what we want is a much more powerful motivation.” […]

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Closeout Special: Metal Water Bottles – Canteen Version

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I’ve been knee-deep in trying to find a source for metal water bottles in a very specific configuration for a customer today. I’m totally convinced that hydration is hugely important and I’ve been thinking about BPA-free issues after writing this blog post about safe water bottles a few weeks ago. So, when I saw these […]

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Kickstart Post – Selling Connection

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You may not know who Amanda Palmer is. You may not appreciate her music. You may not have heard about her crazy stunts or kickstarter controversy (or any of the other frequent controversies for that matter). You may have strong opinions about the music industry. I don’t agree with everything she says in the video […]

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Safe Water Bottles

safe water bottles - BPA facts

Several years ago, the FDA semi-reversed it’s long-standing opinion that BPA was completely safe. Safe water bottles, safe baby bottles, safe sippy cups have hit the market with a vengeance and it’s now fairly easy to find BPA free products on retail shelves. So, does buying these products labeled “BPA-free” really make a difference to […]

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